Special Products

Activated carbon sacks

We also offer activated carbon filters in sack-form where the activated carbon, or the mixture made with the addition of further filter media, is optimised to cater to the end use of the filter.

In air filtration, a filter-sack filled with activated carbon pellets can be used as a tube filter to serve as odour control in pump wells.

If contaminated water has to be diverted into a receiving water course, a layer of filter-sacks (e.g. 50 cm high) can be placed in a sediment-trap or collection chamber.

Oil absorbing mats

The absorbent mats for oil produced by us are made of a core of rubber mulch that, as with the activated carbon, is sewn between two layers of filter fleece.

The patented rubber mulch is a highly porous rubber sponge that sucks up oil or petrol and repels water. Once absorbed, the oil is held firmly in the pores of the mulch and cannot be flushed out by the water. The oil absorbing mats float on the surface of water where they carry out the task of separating the oil from the water.

After fulfilling its function the product can be incinerated without any problem in, for example, a cement plant.


We also offer a huge range of specialised geotextiles in addition to our filter modules, such as our large, easily exchangeable filter fleece with step filter that can be used as a pre-filter mat.