Pre-filter mat

Mud resistant due to 3D step filter


The sludge-resistant pre-filter mat type Öko-Tex is a cost-effective system supplement to rainwater filters, such as activated carbon filter mats or filter debris.

It is durable, robust and easily replaceable. Due to the voluminous 3D structure with node stiffening, additional heat treatment and the built-in step filter (the pores are larger on the side facing the flow and then become progressively smaller), a great deal of sludge can be absorbed before the pre-filter fleece becomes more impermeable to water. Due to the stable fiber matrix, fine particle arches can also form, which support long-term water flow.

The high-performance pre-filter mat type Öko-Tex made of PES is at least 13 mm thick, progressively needled with step filter, node stiffening and additional heat treatment. Weight per unit area approx. 350 g/m².
The pre-filter mat is available in prefabricated sizes for e.g. soakaways or drainage channels. Whole rolls are approx. 5 m wide and approx. 48 m long.

Areas of application: seepage shafts, stormwater treatment, technical filters, retention, substrate channel, drainage channel, filter basins, infiltration troughs, infiltration basins, sponge city